Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These are my new best friend.
How I've been crafting for so long without these babies I don't know.
They are small, light weight and they were on SALE!
When I first started cutting felt I used any pair of scissors I could find around the house. When I lost those I bought a pair from the craft store. They were big and bulky and what I thought I needed. Detailed work was hard, so I bought a smaller pair, then another smaller pair. The new pair made the old pair feel terrible. So at the moment I'm more than happy with my scissors.
What scissors do you use?


Sara said...

I have some small ones (about the same size as your pic) that I got from Joann's for cheap. They are purple too and I also love them!

Kellie Christie said...

I have a big pair of sewing scissors which I have mostly likely wrecked as I use them for everything and anything :)

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I use titanium scissors and everyone knows not to touch them if they are grey and yellow. I buy the same brand so it's always the same rule. I do have smaller ones too. It's funny though because even in the house Carlos still asks... "Can I use these scissors?" just in case hehe. I had a friend come around and was sitting in my studio and she grab a pair of scissors and I said hold on use these instead and she scoffed at me and said "Geez scissors are scissors" I think not. Try cutting your hair with fabric scissors!! LOL...

mwah Steph

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