Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last week I announced I was closing my online handmade store. I've been thinking about closing the store down for a while and I finally did it.

I reduced my prices, promoted I was closing and I got lots of orders from people saying they've been admiring my items for ages (which made my day).

So why am I closing? Because I've been looking at my store and not feeling inspired. I feel like the passion is gone and it's time for a break!

If GemmaJoy comes back I will be taking my store in a new direction.

I've decided that I'm discontinuing my girls accessories, clips, bobby pins and will focus on gorgeous accessories for women.

So if you want a piece of GemmaJoy you better be quick as items are selling fast!!


Kellie Christie said...

Sorry to hear that you are closing up shop Gemma :( Although I completely understand where you are coming from. I hope that you enjoy your break from crafting and come back incredibly inspired and excited to create again.

Corinne said...

Gemma, I hope you return to making and selling those gorgeous items at some time in the future. I love the pieces I've bought. Some of them I've kept but a few of them have been given as gifts and they're always a hit with the recipient.

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I am so happy I met you and have so many of your creations to surround myself with. I don't go out without sporting a GemmaJoy original. Your creations make me feel special and I love that someone who I also love and admire loved creating some of my custom orders!! It has been a pleasure and I shall always stay in contact!!

xo Steph

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