Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Mother....

This post is the start of a small series about my crazy mother. Sometimes I think she's losing her marbles, sometimes she makes me laugh so much I cry and other times well.... here's what happened today.

I've left Brisbane for a few days to catch up with friends and get some things from home. So today I spent the day catching up and having lunch with a friend. I knew my mum was listing new items on my craftumi store (she's in this venture with me... as you can tell not the technical/computer side). I've shown her how to add items, she's watched me add items, she's even added items herself.

Tonight when I get home I've noticed about 5 new listings and a huge increase in my bill! Firstly I thought she had advertised the items on the front page... then I checked out my bill. She'd gotten confused about quantity listings. Basically there was a $10, $6 and $4 fee for 3 new listings. These 3 listings should have costs $1.05 to list not $20.

When I asked her what she'd done her response was 'but I fixed it up". When she'd realised what she'd done wrong she'd removed the extra quantity listings. She was proud that she had edited her mistake.

God bless her.... now to change my passwords.


~ Jan ~ said...

You just can't get good help these days! lol

Stephanie and Carlos said...

hehehehe... awww Mummy!!

xo Steph

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