Friday, March 11, 2011

My Mother....Part 2

On Wednesday mum gave me these stickers. With a serious look on her face she told me to stick one on my phone. I thought this was interesting then came her explanation. "They stop the magnetic radiation".

Sometimes mum goes a little crazy. Like when there was bird flu she stocked up on food (she still has tubs of food in her wardrobe).

I couldn't help but laugh. How on earth can this pack of stickers (which were for the bargain price of $1 each but that was a 50% discount) stop radiation.

We went out for dinner and there was a joke about how I should change the room I sleep in when I visit my parents because of the power box outside the window. When I refused she quickly came up with a solution. See photo below

When I went to bed, I saw her solution. A sticker on the wall! This from the woman who wouldn't let us blu tak posters to the walls as kids. I wondered why she didn't just stick them to the bed... but she did that too!!

PS. mum has just seen the photo and is a bit upset that her sticker isn't centred and level. God love her


Tanya said...

because I am sure centred and level is better feng sheu (however you spell it). Lovely that your mum is looking after you!

Kellie Christie said...

That is hilarious!!!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Give your mum a hug!! lol

xo Steph

Bec said...

They are quite breath taking. Did she buy them in Nimbin?

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