Sunday, April 17, 2011


Most of the furniture we own is second hand. We live in a mix of ebay and Ikea purchases. Which suits us. We seem to move a lot and with every move things get damaged.

Our lounge has definitely seen better days. I've started patching holes with felt. As much as we need a new one, I would prefer to spend my money on a holiday.

This doesn't stop me from looking. I found the above picture on pinterest this morning.

I like lounges that have a dual purpose (storage, bed etc). But I've never seen one turn into bunks.


Vic said...

All our stuff is secondhand too - funny you should mention patching up your couch, that's the next thing in my to do list!

Love the bunks couch, very cool.

Kathy said...

That couch/bunk is really great!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

That couch is wicked cool. How much is it though... the price of a couch and bunk combined no doubt haha. Our couch is like our bed. It fits all 5 of us so better not have another baby hehe. We pushed the storage otterman up against the main couch and it's literally as big as a queen bed. We love lounging on it... actually we really miss lounging on it awww... mwah

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