Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Customers

"I bought this poppy from you last year. We are currently living in Munich and we were lucky enough to go over to France for the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Villers Bretonneux. I wore my poppy with pride. I'm a little late in posting this pic for you, but better late than never, as they say, and I promised you when I bought it that I would send you a pic! Thank you for making it for me"

It's photos and comments like this that make my day. It's great to see some of my handmade items living overseas.


Corinne said...

I was really touched by that customer's message. Without trying to be too serious, it strikes me that Aussies really feel the loss of all those soldiers who died overseas. I wonder if citizens of other countries take it as personally like we seem to.

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