Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Creative Space

My Creative Space is early this week because I keep forgetting to post.

This week I've been revamping some of my embellishments. Changing buttons, adding felt, fabric and lace.
I've also been sorting out my craft space. Well not so much cleaning as making a bigger mess.
I had a spare bed in the room. We decided this week to remove the bed and give me more space. Photos coming next week.
So more cleaning, sorting and organising for me.
More spaces here


Faeryfay said...

Ohhhh, they are lovely!:-)

Kelly said...

These are lovely. When I tidy my craft space, it does tend to become a bigger mess first, and then the organising and sorting turns it into something that resembles 'neat'. Have fun!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Have fun with organising your new space. Just wondering, do you use acrylic felt, or wool?

Corinne said...

Know what you mean about making a bigger mess when 'organising' the work space. Looked at my workroom yesterday and thought, OMG!. High time I took a serious look at re-organising it properly but that takes time that I would rather be using to make stuff.

Your embellishments are really pretty, Gemma.

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