Friday, September 9, 2011


I never planned to collect badges. It was something that just happened.

It started when I was in high school and slowly grew as I attended music festivals.

It started with a hat (gift from my parents) and my first ebay purchase (Ben Harper badges)

Some badges have been bought, others were gifts and a few were found.

When I look at them I remember the memories.

What do you collect?


Lara said...

Teapots xxx

Jeanie said...

As a kid some family member bought me a clown and so did someone else. Everyone figured I muse *love* clowns. Before I knew it I had a like 50 of them, or so it seemed, probably more like 10. I didn't particularly like them, no surprise I no longer have them. I had a cool collection of odd brooches (red lips, green apple etc). Wishing I still had those!

Rowantree Design said...

Fabric and I just can't stop collecting it!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I forgot I collected badges until the kids found a box of my things from home. Mine were more random than yours though lol... I use to collect mice related things and had heaps... Then my mum bought me some so I would stop collecting them lol....

Xo Steph

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