Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finger nails

I've always been a finger nail attacker - biting, picking you name it I did.
It was a stress habit and something I never realised I did until it was too late!
My first real attempt to grow my nails was when I went to NZ a couple of years ago. I grew them for months.... until I had to write yearly reports for a class that I had only known for 3 weeks.
This year without even thinking about it, they started to grow and grow. Before I knew it I had nails that were ANNOYING the hell out of me.
I've been talking for weeks about going and getting a manicure... but would freak out and walk away when I got close to the store.
Today I did it. I went in. Krystal looked at my nails and laughed. I was embrassed. She asked questions I didn't understand and suggested pink nail polish to me.
I wanted to go clear BUT I've never had colour on my nails. So from one extreme to the other here are my red nails.
We all know red cars go faster so hopefully these fingers can make LOTS of new stock this week!!


Jeanie (Inspired Wish) said...

Your nails look great, well done for growing them (even if by accident). Mine are an embarassing mess. As a receptionist, I hide my hands lol. LOVE the RED! I hope this is the start of something wonderful - lots of colourful nails in your future =D

Christina said...

Love the red nails :-) I've suddenly acquired my own collection of nail polish since I finally quit chewing my nails at the end of last year.

Mandi said...

yay for pretty colored nails! get those fingers working!;p

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