Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your moving where....? Mongolia!!

 In December we left an Australian Summer and arrived in a Mongolian winter.
Ulaanbaatar is the worlds coldest city (we spent a fortune on boots, coats, thermals etc)
Think frozen eyelashes and walking like a penguin over ice.
Above is a photo of our apartment complex. We have external door codes, elevator cards that will only take us to our floor, our door has a unique code (no key) that speaks!! (it only says "it's open, it's closed).
 Crossing the roads is an extreme sport. A major road near our place is Olympic and you need to be an Olympian to cross it. Most cars do slow down... it's the ones that swerve towards you that cause concern. There's also an unofficial taxi service in UB, so lots of cars beep their horn as a way of asking if you want a lift.
 There's lots of statues around the city. Many of which people don't understand why they are there. The Marco Polo and The Beatles statue for instance.
 Scott feeling the cold. He spends more time in the Gobi where it's warmer.
 Gardens are full of ice that's been chipped away by hand from the pavement.
 Man holes are either loose or open... which makes for another hazard while walking outside.
KFC is making plans to come to UB and this is where it will open 1 of its 4 restaurants. Fast food chains such as Maccas aren't in this part of the world. 


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Yet another adventure. embrace the horse

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