Friday, March 8, 2013

Eagle Festival

 On Tuesday I went to the Eagle Festival just outside of UB.
The actual festival is held in Bayan-Olgii Province which is in Western Mongolia. The festival celebrates the Kazakhs which is the biggest ethic group in Mongolia.
Events were based on speed, accuracy and agility of the golden eagle. It was amazing to watch... I wish I had taken my bigger camera lens to take better photos.

 The eagle hunters bought their eagles some 2000ks by bus and borrowed local horses.
After lunch they did horse wrestling (basically 2 men on horses trying to get the animal hide). This required a lot of skill from the rider, the horse and the crowd!! (the horses would run into the crowd and we had to get out of their way. I ended up hugging a Mongolian man who I had mistaken for my friend.... whoops).
 The Eagles are amazing creatures. When they have finished doing their time with the hunters they will be released back into the wild.
 Looking down the hill towards the Ger camp and the largest Ger in Mongolia.

Looking towards UB and the smog.


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