Friday, March 1, 2013

Shopping in UB

Today I went to what was like the Costco of UB... Nomin wholesale. It certainly didn't have the prices or bulk of Costco but certainly had the layout.
It was nice and quiet so it was great to have a wander around and see what they had... from kitchen sinks, tyres, bikes, bread to camping chairs and alcohol.
I learnt that body wash from Germany is better than what comes from Russia. But soap free is an unknown concept.
There is also a law here that alcohol can't be purchased on the first of each month. Which is probably a good thing as I would've come home with lots of bottles of wine.
 Cans of soda are sold individually. I was beyond excited to see this pack of 24.
My last purchase of the day! I do not have a green thumb so I will see how long this thing survives!!


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