Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Not another sold out listing

One of the problems with our online store is sometimes items sell out and relist automatically.
So today I spent some time relearning illustrator and pen tool to create an image to replace those annoying sold out listings.
Looks simple but it took me so long!!!!

Another day, another holiday

 Last month I did something I never thought I would do again.... board an Aeroflot plane.
Anyway 2 Aeroflot flights and some amazing news from a friend at home later we arrived in hot, busy Rome!
I had plans to eat and explore but my body had other ideas.... I was asleep and stayed asleep till 2am because of a cold I had picked up.
Plans were delayed and I was up and ready for breakfast the next day.
We walked and walked then caught one of the tourist buses.
We saw as much as we could of Rome in 1 day.
 Day 3 we boarded the train to Florence. This was by far my favourite part of the trip. What did we do here.... we ate a lot, drank a lot, did a bit of shopping, drank a lot of coffee and walked up a big hill to look over the city. Wonderful and I would go back again in a second.
 Back on the train and off to Venice. Such a gorgeous city! Lots of wandering, coffee and wine!


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